Follow Simple Steps For Changing Yahoo Mail Theme Settings

Yahoo is an amazing platform to access different services on the internet. Yahoo offers various features and functionalities which allow the user access to different amazing services that virtual world offer to us.  When you log in to your Yahoo account you put a step into the ocean of services and information which you can only fetch with the help from the servers like Yahoo. There are no other servers that offer such amazing service like Yahoo does for its amazing users who are spread all around the world along with it’s Yahoo Customer Service helpline process.

Yahoo has been offering amazing services for years and still, it is one of the most trusted and loved server on the internet. Yahoo perfectly matches with all the changes, innovation and technology; we have become accustomed to in recent years by offering fabulous services with updates and changes. It is quite easy to access the awesome services Yahoo offered by simply logging in if the user has an existing account or create the new one by following simple steps and by providing some very basic information.

Yahoo always tries to bring forth amazing services for its users so that they can stay up to date with the latest trends and technology as well as offer services that help the user in personalizing the Yahoo account. Accessing the account in the same design and look may get boring over the time and that’s why Yahoo offers the feature of themes with the setting features so that the user can personalize the Yahoo mail account and feel more content while using it. If you are wondering how to set the theme to make your account more personalize and colorful, then here are the simple steps you can follow to set the theme for the Yahoo account.

  • The very first step is log in to your Yahoo mail account.
  • After logging in go to the gear shape like icon known for settings on the top right side and click on it.
  • After clicking on the icon you will see multiple options in a drop down list and the top one says Themes. Click on it.
  • After clicking on the option you will be redirected to the themes launched by Yahoo for its users.
  • Choose and see the preview and after selecting you to need to click on the button name ‘Done’ and the theme will be set for your Yahoo mail.

Follow these steps and your Yahoo mail account theme will be set in minutes, though you can revert back to classic theme any time you want. It is easy now to manage Yahoo theme with us.